Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Screw up a Child

I took four of my five grandchildren to McDonald's for lunch yesterday. They all wanted to eat and play in the play area.

I sat at the table close to the play area so I could watch my grandkids playing and still feed my littlest grandson Campbell in his highchair. I happened to notice an older woman who was there with her daughter and two of her grandchildren at the next table. The daughter had gone to the play area with her daughter, and the grandmother sat with her five-year-old grandson at the table where the following conversation took place:

"Now if you want to go back into the play area you can't be mean anymore!"
He sits silently looking around.
"Are you going to be like Jesus or Satan?"
He stands up, blankly staring into her face.
"Sit down and do as you're told or you'll make Jesus cry."
He doesn't sit down, so she smacks him in the face, and he cries loud and hard.
Then she tells him to "sit down and be quiet", and to eat his "happy meal".
And he does.

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