Sunday, May 30, 2010


Went to climb in my bed last night after all the grandkids left. Ava stayed behind to have fun with Nana and Papa.

There was a piece of note paper (from a notepad that I keep on my nightstand) right where I was going to sleep. I picked it up to place on my nightstand, when I happened to glance at the writing on the paper. It read:

"Dear Nana, Have a good dream. OXOX (she drew a heart) Lilia"

I was so deeply touched by this and shouted with JOY to have Ava come and read the note that Lily had left. Lily is eight years of age, and in her short time on the Earth she has brought, to everyone that knows her, such love and happiness. Especially to Ava, who is standing beside me as I write this note.

"Dear Lily, Have beautiful dreams all of your life. OXOXoxoxOXOX (with a big pink heart next to my name) Nanita"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Break a Leg, Jonathan

In Hollywood, when an actor or musician is about to perform in a show, they say say "break a leg." It is an idiom which means "good luck." It came about because of theatre superstitions about wishing someone good luck--that in doing so it would actually bring them bad luck!

Well, I don't know the phrase to use for someone that will be working on a movie as a "witness camera" for the set. Or a good phrase for someone who hopes to be a successful screenwriter someday, so maybe, Jonathan, I can borrow from the Aussies, and just wish you "chookas." Chookas came about as a phrase meaning the theatre was filled up with patrons. Someone would then holler out "chooks" meaning they would all get to have chicken for supper that night! Chooks was an Australian slang word for Chicken. Nowadays, it is used by performers prior to a show--no matter how many are in attendance--and is simple a wish for success.

Remember Jonny, all the things about you that begin with the words "I am . . ." along with the sum of all you've experienced, worked for and lived through--and you will be the man you were meant to be in this life. You are already that man to me.

So, Jonathan, as you depart the mountains for the dessert, I wish you Chookas, and instead of breaking a leg, how about muchas bendiciones? Tu Mami

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