Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"The Baby" is Getting Married

Life is pretty much a whirlwind of activity these days as we prepare for the wedding of "our baby". "The baby" is almost 22, has chosen a really good man, and is halfway through her college education. She is getting married in the right place, and it feels like the right time, and with a man that feels right for her.

It seems only yesterday that I saw her name "Jacey", written on a piece of surgical tape, taped at the foot of a NBIC crib for all the world to see. I still have that piece of tape. It meant the world to me at the time because it signified her importance--she wasn't just a little bit 'o nothin', tiny as she was, she was a force to be reckoned with. She had a name. That meant that the doctors had to do everything they could to not only save her life, but make that life as normal, physically, as possible. They did. With the exception of a little problem that most of her friends, and all of her family can attest too--Jacey fluffs. Often and loud.

She has a tender heart, the tenacity of a lion mixed with the compassion of angels. She is loyal and kind, and though sometimes--because she is so young--she takes her time getting to the right place--she always gets there. Always, she is quick to recognize her errors, slow in correcting them (she tortures those she loves) and then quick to make it better. Don't you just love this about her?

Jacey has tried her whole life to do the right thing. She has survived. She has loved--but most of all she has forgiven.

I wouldn't have missed one moment with this child--it has all been worth it. She is precious to me. She is my little girl. . . and she has grown to be such a beautiful, talented, and loving young woman. I must have done something good . . .for God gave her to me to raise. . .


  1. You forgot a couple of things. . .
    1) Jacey has an excellent flair for "voices." She can trick even the most careful.

    2) Jacey is so "exposed" that you can't help but enjoy all of her- including her bottom.

    3) Jacey is intelligent where you least expect, and very, very crude when you least expect it.

    4) Jacey is fun to laugh with. In fact, Jacey is my favorite person to laugh with- and always will be.

  2. Beautiful. Daughters are wonderful and I have so much to look forward to.

  3. Hey, checking in on you! All's here in Oregon. Weird a bit, but okay?

    Do you have your comments set to email you when they come in?


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