Friday, November 14, 2008

My Daughter Turns the Big Three Oh

She was the most beautiful baby. It seemed to her Dad and I that she saw right through us. Also, her soul was somehow not as hidden like in most people--it was perceived and it was old. Old and wise. She has grown into a wise old Pacha Mama now, but not too old to laugh, be adventurous, to create, to explore, to learn, to wonder, to teach, to love, to nurture and well, this list is endless. She is the daughter of dreams born in the heart of a young girl imagining the future and how blessed she would be to someday have a little girl. A little girl that would be named Jennifer, the perfect companion to the little boy that came before.

Feliz CumpleaƱos, mija.
Con mucho cariƱo y mucho amor,
Tu Mama


  1. Thanks for the email Kim - I left jenny a message. I didn't know you two were bloggers - but then again i don't know very much! :) Love your blog.

    Stephanie (Hawkins) Isom

  2. xoxoxoxo. I can feel all of that straight through to my little heart. Jenni is the tops.


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